BEF Organizes “Boot Camp and Pitch Workshop” with Startup Entrepreneurs in Khulna

Bangladesh Employers’ Federation (BEF), in collaboration with Government Khulna Mohila Polytechnic Institute (KMPI), Khalishpur, Khulna, with the technical assistance from Skills 21 Project of ILO, Dhaka, organized a 6-day long Incubating Entrepreneurs “Boot Camp and Pitch Workshop” with startup entrepreneurs during January 15-20, 2023 at Conference Hall, KMPI, Khulna. Mr. Joha Jamilur Rahman, SIYB Global Master Trainer, BEF and Mr. Ruman Ishtiak Rafeen, Incubation Specialist, facilitated the program as resource persons.

The objectives of the program were to (i) mentor incubates for developing business incubation centers, and (ii) design processes to nurture businesses from idea generation to start-up companies through a comprehensive business support program and also help them in getting established and accelerating their growth and success.

Mr. Kazi Neamul Shaheen, Principal, KMPI, Khulna chaired the inaugural session. The Special Guests present were Mr. Mohd. Israil Hossain, Regional Director, RDO, Khulna, and Mr. Md. Iftekhar Ali Babu, President, NASCIB, Khulna. 20 participants (all female) attended the program as incubates.

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