Benefits of Membership

Advocacy and Lobbying
As the national employers’ representative, BEF advocates and lobbies for its members interests’ during the formulation of various policies, laws, rules and regulations on industrial relations.
Representation on National Bodies
BEF has the right to nominate employers’ representatives in various tripartite policy boards and agencies like the Minimum Wages Board and Tripartite Consultative Council.
Advisory Services
Through its Secretariat, BEF offers valuable advisory services to its members in all aspects of industrial relations, including wage negotiations, labor management relations, disciplinary action, and interpretation of labor laws.
BEF’s trainings help managers, supervisors, and business owners to learn about the latest management tools and technical knowledge on workplace issues. Moreover, BEF also creates opportunities for the member firms to get international exposures by nominating officials of the member organizations for various international trainings.
Labour Court Assistance
BEF represents the employers in the seven Labour Courts of the country and ensures the safeguarding of the interest of its members.
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