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Bangladesh labour law with the
latest amendment-2018
Course Number : 01
Bangladesh labour law with the latest amendment-2018

Course objectives

  • Updated knowledge of Bangladesh labor act with the latest amendment of 2018 for the executives responsible for managing human resources/workforce.
  • Develop the skill on identification of applicable Labour Law for industrial relations related to compliance issues.
  • Develop awareness on the essential regulatory issues in dealing with workforce in the industrial scenario.
  • Develop the skill to handle disciplinary cases and employee grievances.
  • Develop skill to initiate steps to avoid mistakes in light of regulatory requirements.

Course duration : 02 Days

Benefit of this training

  • Understand the new changes in BLA amendment 2018
  • Understand the new changes in Labor rules 2015
  • Understand all rules, regulations and discussion in the latest gazette of Bangladesh Labor Rules 2015
  • Draft the show cause letter, charge sheet, investigation, dismissal letter and able to understand the common mistakes, lacunas of the process in line with Labor rules 2015
  • Handle and resolve industrial dispute in accordance to the new Labor Rules 2015
Participants level
  • Human resources & administration professional
  • Departmental head/ Unit In-charge
  • Mid-level managers
  • Executives–Legal affairs
Possible topics to be covered
  • Introduction to Bangladesh labor Act with the latest amendment of 2018 and Bangladesh labor Rule 2015
  • Classification of workers, Employers
  • License of Contracting Agencies
  • Misconduct, Punishment and Disciplinary Proceedings,
  • Employer and Employee control under section 28 (ka)
  • Appointment of Juvenile worker
  • Health, Safety and Welfare
  • Function and eligibility of welfare officer
  • Formation and function of Safety committee
  • Child Room, Canteen and Canteen Management Committee,
  • Working hour and OT calculation
  • Different type of Leave [Annual, Festival etc], its calculation and payment
  • Wage and Piece rate worker, wage deduction, ADR for Wage
  • Trade Union, CBA and its Registration,
  • Formation and function of Participation Committee
  • Profit Participation: Its rules and procedure
  • Formation of Provident Fund, Rules and Trusty Board
  • Apprenticeship
  • Power and responsibility of Director of Labor
  • Power and responsibility of Inspector’
  • Approval of Factory’s Layout plan and Registration Procedure
  • Different Forms and Reporting formats and procedure
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